It's been a busy week and I find myself being pulled in many different directions. When I am stressed out I often look to others to help me feel better. While I recognize human connection and support is necessary, I'm learning there are bigger things at work here. We are all responsible to fill our baskets. We decide what beautiful flower belongs in our bouquet. The most important thing to find the resonance and carry it with you through life. 

Telling the story

I've been doing a lot of writing lately. I'm back to journaling and blogging everyday which can be a challenge. There is a constant need to find a point of view and figure out what you're going to think about for the day. 

Something I know I need to improve about my storytelling (if you want to call it that), is changing the narrative...less about me, more about what's relevant to the clients I serve. It's an interesting mental shift to start. When I journal, it IS all about me. It's my journal. It's about what's on in my life and a way to check-in on my goals. 

When I'm writing here though, to you reader, it should be a little more you focused. At least how that's what I'm thinking about right this moment. So this blog post doesn't really have a point other than to articulate and commit to a different voice starting on May 1. It's happening. May Day. Stay tuned.