Folks in Buffalo know what it feels like to be stuck. Do you?

A lot of people ask me what I “do” as a coach and I have to say; this snowstorm is an awesome metaphor. Imagine falling snow as the circumstances of your life – relationships, kids, bills, debt, health, bosses, etc, etc. When it’s falling lightly it’s no big deal. It makes everything a little more annoying (coats, slush, traffic) but overall it’s kind of pretty, so you manage. Now imagine what happens when everything starts falling at once and begins to pile up around you. All of a sudden you’re trapped and digging out becomes the sole focus of your energy.  

My job as a professional coach is like being a neighbor with a snowblower. I help my clients clear a path through all of their circumstances to get them back on the road again. Will you eventually get through it all with your shovel? Probably, but it will be a helluva lot faster and less painful with some help. 

So where are you stuck? If you’re ready to move forward, hit me up.