Captain's Log: Day 2

It's Monday morning and the very first thought I had was, "oh shit, I need to write something on the blog today."  Do you ever have the voice in your head?  I know that committing to publish a new post everyday is the right thing to do but why does it have to be sooooo hard?  UGH!

This is part of the process of coaching though.  It's not the product, it's the process.  So here I am, keyboard in hand and typing away.  I really tried to convince myself that there were at least 50 other pressing things to do before sitting down here.  I even did laundry...that is some serious procrastination because I HATE doing laundry.  

I believe in processes though. I believe the act of pushing through resistance ensures a better life on the other side.  I wish that motivation came more naturally to me but it is what it is.  I acknowledge it's one of my personality traits and every single time I do the "thing", whatever that is, I win.  Every time I win, I tell the universe that I'm serious about what I'm asking for and deserving of it.  And the best part of this project is that you get to be here with me to see if it really works...(hear that, Universe. There is a lot riding on this!)

Okay, I'm off to a job interview this morning.  Wish me luck!