I have a confession....

I am obsessed with the study of shame and vulnerability.  Over the last few weeks I have spent hours devouring interviews with thought-leaders like Brene Brown, Marie Forleo and Danielle LaPorte on the topic.  Truthfully, one of the highlights of this shitty-ass winter was discovering I can get YouTube on my Apple TV and finding the Jonathan Fields and Chase Jarvis channels.  It honestly saved my mental health! 

So why am I choosing to write about this today?  Well the more information I take in, the more motivated I am to put information out.  People NEED to KNOW why it's so important for creativity and innovation to flourish in our world.  It is not just some rhetoric bullshit.  We live in a society that is boxed in by fear.  It's not just fear of being killed or dying an untimely death, it's a fear of being truly seen and being outed for it.  It's a perilous, slippery slope that is dragging us into an US verse THEM culture. 

Here's the bottom line. Think of someone that you admire.  It can be anyone; your immigrant grandmother, a teacher, Oprah, Pope Francis  - whomever you chose, I can guaranteed that your admiration is based on some demonstration of strength and resilience.  They stood up while others fell back.  They did the thing that was hard instead of the thing that was easy

We don't all have to be celebrities or heroes, but we must make our time here on Earth worthwhile.  Don't shy away from adversity.  Step out and be bold! 

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