Back in the saddle

I admit it. This business ownership stuff is hard. I'm struggling.

It's not the coaching. The coaching is such a joy. I love getting the opportunity to help someone articulate something they've been holding in their heart but haven't been able to put words to. The coaching is the joy. The business is the work. 

It's been over a year since I've blogged. Quick, close your eyes and think of five excuses you could give yourself for not doing something and please know that I've said them all daily. I've said them in the morning when I have some extra time and I think about something I should share with the world. I've said them in the evening when I choose to watch some mindless nothing on Netflix. I said them over long summer weekends where I tooled around the house with nothing but time on my hands. I've said them all and let them keep me down.  

I'm not proud of this fact but I can also admit that I am human. Thankfully some of the personal growth I've gone through these last few years has helped me recognize when I been hiding in my shell again. I can hear the voices and the excuses in my head and I know they aren't real. They aren't me, the real me; and I can take action to move past them. 

I've watched this interview with Marie Forleo and Seth Godin at least 3 times now. It speaks to me. It speaks to getting back in the saddle and just doing the thing that you need to do. So I'm doing it again. I am taking Seth's advice and going to start publishing everyday. It may not be long or insightful but it will be me. It will be my intention to be bigger in this world. To do the thing. To live in the world I want to create, not the one that defaults around me.

So there you go. My intention is to write this blog for myself because the idea of others reading it is scary, BUT if you find yourself on this page, please feel free to say hi. I'd appreciate the company.