It's not a skill's a mind set

I am involved in a project right now that has to potential to make me meltdown. There are a ton of different moving parts (and people) and when I look at the to-do list, I get a wave of anxiety. I've know this anxiety before. It's been in the side saddle of nearly every project I've ever be tasked to do, especially ones where people will "see" me.

One of the aspects of this project involves giving a presentation to about 30 people tomorrow. I am petrified not only of choking and having a panic attack, but because I haven't even seen the material i need to present yet. I'm being asked to present someone else's material which makes this situation a million times harder. 

I am making a choice though. 

I am choosing to not let the anxiety take over this time. I am putting into practice all of this great advice that's been bestowed upon me in the last few months. Attitude is everything and it's not a skill set, it's a mindset. I don't need to know anything more than I do (even though I don't have the information), I need to have the mindset that I will succeed in communicating what is necessary. I'm not giving an inauguration's a 10 minute work presentation.  I've got this. 

So I'm up early (in the dark here in Buffalo) and getting into the office by 7:30am. My intention for the day is to focus on the tasks at hand and not let my ego flair up regarding the injustice of what's being asked of me. God has put this challenge in front of me and I am going to run at it with courage.