Today is my 7th day straight of blogging! Frankly, I'm a little shocked that I've been able to keep it going but it feels awesome. I'm so thankful for Seth Godin's advice of just writing like no one is reading because it does give a lot of artistic license. Keeping a "business" blog can feel overwhelming because you want to ensure that you're writing relevant topics that everyone can use...therefore making you an indispensable resource...therefore paying you lots and lots of money for your services.  

Unfortunately, finding relevance in your gifts is hard...actually, what I'm learning is that it's impossible. It is not your role to define how others should use you. You're here to be you in the fullest, most authentic form and that is the gift that others can use to enrich their lives. That unadulterated gift is what makes you relevant to others.  

I have no idea what that will eventually look like for me. I love coaching so much and I know that it is intrinsically me at a core level. The last few months though, I have gotten away from that fact and started to try and "position" myself as either this or that. I'm working on letting that go. I am focusing on the process of forming new habits and watching to see if the relevance shows up.