A new day

So one of the greatest things about blogging every day is that moment when you decide what you want to write about. I have been thinking and talking about a lot of things these last two days. I could share some apocalyptic visions of what America's future police state will look like or share some of my ideas on how to organize a revolution. I have LOTS of those ideas but I'm choosing to say something different today. 

My friend counseled me yesterday on the rage I'm feeling towards my fellow countrymen that selected Donald Trump to be a US President. She said, "Let it go. You voted. You actively participated in our democracy, now you have to let it go. It is done." 

Well that didn't really sit that well with me at first but I've been mulling it over ever since. She is right. I love my country and I participated in a way that makes me proud. I am incredibly disappointed but allowing myself to be deflated and angry about circumstances outside of my control gives my power away. I refuse to do that. My power for connection and desire to change lives for the better forces me to do that.

I choose to lead with love.

I'm heading back into the world today after a day of hibernation. I've disconnected my social media accounts for a spell because I recognize I need to work on me and focus on the things I can control. Leadership begins within and this is a time for strong leadership with ethical values. United we stand. Divided we fall.