Fluctuating Temperatures

It's November 18th in Buffalo, NY and it's projected to be nearly 70 degrees today. Of course (said in the same breath) we're expected to get a foot of snow this weekend. These wild shifts in weather can be painful for people that suffer from sinus issues and arthritis. Not to mention, that everyone else catches a cold because they're not dressed properly and their immune system is down. 

I've been thinking a lot about the family dynamics of Thanksgiving. How many families will be dealing with swinging emotional temperatures and disagreements at the table? I know there is a potential of it happening at my house and I have to guess that it maybe happening at yours. 

We all have a constant choice: live as a thermometer or thermostat: reflect the environment or change it.
— @corybooker via Twitter April 2016

Something to think about as we start to clear our houses or pack to head out for the holiday next week. How will you be the thermostat with your family?