Daylight savings

It's 5pm and today has been a very long day. I'm still working through an annoying head cold and the Sudafed I was hoping would help actually kept me up most of the night. Anyway, I am here now and being reflective on my day.

Tuesday is one of the most historic elections of my lifetime. It is also the first one that I've felt so passionately aligned with. I didn't intend to become so polarized in favor of Hillary Clinton but everyday we inch closer, the more energized I am to see this change happen in our country. We need a woman president. Whether it's through the same decrepit channels every other president has been elected through our not, the fact that the leader of the free world will be a woman is real change.

Of course, the election hasn't happened yet and our country is really teetering on the brink of some horrible trends. I am going to remain hopeful that level-headed intelligence will win out. If you're reading this, please vote and vote with your heart.