Do One Thing

When I first starting my coaching journey, I had a coach help me identify a personal goal then ask me, "what is one thing you can do today to get you closer to that goal?" I wrote that question on my vision board and would ask it to myself every morning. The thing is, I didn't really know. I was still completely blocked by negative thinking that it was hard to say, "yes, this is the goal." And, "yes, I am WILLING to do something everything day to get there."

The truth is, I wasn't.

Setting goals isn't the answer. Saying those goals aloud, writing them down and swirling them around in your life for a while is important but the goal itself isn't the prize. The prize is the stuff you grow to understand while looking at that new horizon. It's the things that start to fall off or show up when you starting moving towards this new version of yourself.

I discovered something today when I was journaling. I now really, truly understand what that commitment of doing one thing to get you closer means. That first goal I identified way back then isn't my priority anymore, but there is something in its place.

I have a new vision that I couldn't have even dreamed for myself back then. I can it see it clearly and I know what I need to do. Stay steady on my course.