Good Friday

I'm not a religious person. I attended 13 years of Catholic School and I do well in the Bible category on Jeopardy, but I haven't voluntarily attended a mass in decades. Well, actually I'm not sure I have ever chosen to just go to mass. It's always been someone else's idea and I've been dragged along. 

Things have shifted for me spiritually in the last few years though. While, I know I'm not a Catholic, the story of Jesus and the themes of human suffering and redemption have started to bear a new weight to me.

In 2005, I went to Italy on vacation and of course, the Vatican was on the agenda. At the time, I was pretty indifferent about the experience but I left feeling overwhelmed with emotion for the sacrifice and talent displayed everywhere you look. The beauty and the lifetime achievements of these masterpieces was molecule changing.

So today, on Good Friday, I honor the beautiful things that can come from horrible situations for they are truly the threads that tie the past and present and every human being together.