Happy Easter!


It is a beautiful Spring morning. Easter in April is always more inspiring because warm weather gets the birds chirping, the trees blooming and the babies in their adorable holiday outfits.

The hope and inspiration of a new season is the perfect theme for Easter too; pain, renewal, redemption, new life. I'm sure that wasn't an accident! Those religious leaders know what they are doing. 

Today I am waking up grateful. Grateful to be at peace in so many ways that I haven't been in the past. Thankful to share the day in nature with my dog and then with family later. Thankful to know the importance of life after a hard death and a painful stretch of time. 

Today, I wish the same for you. Our experience as human beings is intended to be lived in the extremes. The darkest caves is where we do our greatest transformations and where there is the hope of eternal life.