self development

Happy Anniversary!

On this day in 2014, my Yes And Coaching, LLC became official with the State of New York. It's been a long three years with a lot of personal and professional ups and downs but I'm feeling strong this morning. I have a new niche I'm introducing to the brand and I'm seeing so many interesting pieces fall in line. 

One of the biggest lessons I've learned (and it was said to me many times, in many different ways), is that building a business takes time. It's not an overnight activity despite how eager you are to put the work in. There are things things that must evolve as a process. You can't avoid them and yet they are the things that will be the most transformative. 

Today, on this anniversary, I say thank you to all of the set backs and all of the no's because they have lead to me to where I needed to be; which is right here, right now. 

Run this town

I am a bit reluctant to tackle this topic in an off-the-cuff blog entry this morning, but it's on my mind so I am going for it. So, it turns out that I am a bit an egomaniac. Well, that maybe a bit extreme but I recently had an interaction within a group where I had an obvious personality conflict with the facilitator. I have been feeling a little a little bad about the interaction and starting talking to friends about how I was clearly right but the facilitator was unwilling to compromise on their point of view...and isn't that bad? Aren't I right? Can't you see my point here? He/she is so damn stubborn! 

Whoa, the dose of truth that came back to me was a little painful to hear. Apparently, it was not the time, nor the place, nor the approach to express myself in this manner and I was overwhelming rude. Ouchy, I am a jerk!

The most pointed question and the hardest to answer was, "why did you think it was your place to say something?" The truth is, I always think it's my place to say something. I am a saya somethinger. If you want an opinion, I got one. If you want advice, I'll give you some. If you want coaching, you came to the right place because I'm a professional! 

BUT the reality is not everyone is asking for my thoughts and I'm offering them up anyway. I have been doing this unconsciously and while I feel like my intentions are mostly set in positive places; it is an obnoxious habit that I need to work on. And oh boy, obnoxious habits that you see in yourself can really swirl up a shame tornado.

I don't really have a resolution here or a way to wrap up this post with a pretty observation or a nod to all new wonderful colors of the world I see now. Growing and being conscious of egocentric behaviors is hard work. I can't lie about that but I know for sure that it's work that improves relationships and removes a lot of different heartache and uncertainty in your life. It's the work that I keep doing it.