You are a mastermind at coaching.
— Gloria W.

Megan is a great coach. When I was paralyzed with fear, Megan helped me reframe a challenging work situation to make it manageable. She guided me through a process where we developed a toolbox of strategies to turn fear into fun. Several months later I am still using those strategies with great success. Thanks Megan!
— Amanda D.

Megan has helped me open my eyes and rediscover lost passions. Through our conversations, Megan has been like a guiding light. She has challenged me to examine my thoughts and actions. Now I am on the verge of greatness. Inspired. Passionate. Motivated to do what I was destined to do. When I feel unsure of the path, I remember Megan’s guiding words. Listen to my intuition and I can’t go wrong.
— Melissa L.

‘What career should I be in?’ is a question we all struggle with on a daily basis. Either we have doubtful ideas of what would make us happy or no ideas at all. Megan is an excellent coach who is personable and will customize the sessions according to your personality and what makes you comfortable. It does not feel like a formal meeting, but rather catching up with a longtime down-to-earth friend. She helps hone in on what personal values you truly crave or strive for and then works with you to create an inspiring life plan to help you there. Megan makes sure to help you destroy the inner-saboteur that discourages you from reaching your ideal goals. I absolutely recommend her as a coach and a great friend to just catch a beer with!
— Pryanka P.

Megan Farry is a breath of fresh air. She is passionate in the life coaching field and tailors sessions towards what is most important for you. She challenges you in a fun and personable way to examine questions that you have and also helps uncover questions you didn’t know you had. I learned a lot about myself in sessions with Megan and I recommend anyone who is interested or curious in talking to a life coach to contact her. It’s really fun!
— Nancy D.