Happy Anniversary!

On this day in 2014, my Yes And Coaching, LLC became official with the State of New York. It's been a long three years with a lot of personal and professional ups and downs but I'm feeling strong this morning. I have a new niche I'm introducing to the brand and I'm seeing so many interesting pieces fall in line. 

One of the biggest lessons I've learned (and it was said to me many times, in many different ways), is that building a business takes time. It's not an overnight activity despite how eager you are to put the work in. There are things things that must evolve as a process. You can't avoid them and yet they are the things that will be the most transformative. 

Today, on this anniversary, I say thank you to all of the set backs and all of the no's because they have lead to me to where I needed to be; which is right here, right now.